The Best Teething Relief!

September 12th, 2011

Nobody likes teething time…It’s painful to watch your kids go through it, and it’s painful to be a parent tasked with taking care of kids going Teething Bon Bonthrough it. The whining, the drooling, it’s all pretty tough. There are several great toys on the market to help. There are normal chew toys, such as Sophie The Giraffe and friends

and Banana Brushes , that are natural and safe for your kids to chomp down on. Then, there are the freeze-able ones… These are the ones you’d normally find at your local pharmacy. However, there is one that truly impressed us for its clever design. Cold packs are great, but the problem is that they freeze your child’s hands along with their gums. The Teething Bon Bon is a cool new product that addresses the issue. It’s basically a cloth with two knots on either side and a warm wooly center. Too use it, you simply dip the knots in water and place it in your freezer. The result? frozen, chewable knots with a warm woolly pillow to hold on to. So, your child will get relief only where he/she needs it; the gums.

Every so often, a product comes along that addresses a real need and a better way of handling it. We try to write about these companies and the products they produce. For teething, my hat’s off to the Bon Bon!

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