BOB Jogging Strollers – Review

December 14th, 2009

BOB Revolution Stroller

BOB Revolution Stroller

BOB is, arguably, the best jogging stroller brand on the market today. The question is not whether or not to buy one, but rather which one is right for you and your lifestyle. As a retailer that sells tons of these strollers, we get this question every day. So, here’s what you need to know about BOB and how to go about choosing the right jogging stroller for your needs.

If you are a hard core runner, the BOB Sport Utility Stroller (SUS)

or the BOB Ironman Stroller will be a popular choice. What matters to runners is weight, stability and durability. The stroller needs to roll smoothly, be able to stand up to the hundreds of miles that you’re going to put on it over the next few years, and be as lightweight as possible.  Both of these BOB Stroller models have these features in spades. The 16-inch aluminum wheels help keep the overall weight down to 20.4 pounds on the Ironman and 21.1 pounds on the D’Luxe SUS. They both have fixed front wheels to add much needed stability, a necessity when using the stroller primarily as a jogging stroller. 

The BOB Revolution was a welcomed addition to the BOB family a few years ago. It’s the swivel-wheeled version of the Sport Utility Stroller that BOB is best-known for. It was created for parents that want the performance of a jogging stroller combined with flexibility and versatility of a standard everday stroller. If you like to walk on the beach, through the park, up a mountain, and through the tiny aisles at the supermarket, then the BOB Revolution Stroller

is a great choice for you. The front swivel wheel enables you to maneuver just about anywhere. Lock it in place and you’ll have the stability needed to go for a long walk and a light jog.

BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

The BOB Revolution also comes in a 12″AW (All-Wheel) version

. Instead of the 2 large 16 inch back wheels on the standard Revolution, the AW features 12 inch aluminum back wheels, to match the front swivel wheel. The result is a lighter stroller with increased maneuverability. Simply put, a smaller wheel means a smaller turning radius. So, it takes less space to turn, allowing you to steer through even tighter spaces. The smaller wheels also take up much less space in your car trunk.

All BOB stroller models are available as Duallies (double stroller) as well.  You will compromise a bit  on performance, but with 2 kids you must be used to compromise by now! All BOB Duallie Strollers

fit through standard doorways, making it just as easy to get around with two kids as you were accustomed to with one. BOB is one of the very few stroller brands to offer such versatility.

So, remember, the scale from hardcore runner to casual stroller starts with the Ironman (large, fixed wheels), and follows with the SUS, the Revolution, and finally the Revolution AW (small wheels with a swivel).

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