Orbit Baby Stroller Review

September 9th, 2011



Orbit Baby Stroller

Orbit Baby Stroller Infant System



We’ve been selling Orbit Baby

products for years, and have done extremely well with them. I’ve wanted to write a review of their stroller for quite a while, but felt that we needed to experience the product a little longer first to write something meaningful.

As a dad to 2 young boys, I’ve had the opportunity to use several different strollers. For the past year, we’ve been using the Orbit Baby Toddler Stroller

for our 2 year old son. We absolutely love it. It’s a phenomenal product for so many reasons. As a general observation, I will say that this company has thought of everything, and managed to solve most of the issues we all seem to have with other leading strollers on the market today. So, specifically, what do I mean? Ok, here’s a breakdown;

For one, there are no adapters! Since Orbit Baby makes their own infant car seat, clicking in from the car to the stroller is as quick and easy as picking it up and putting it down again in one fluid motion. Not only that, but their patented Smart Hub technology allows you to plug any component into any one of the Orbit Baby base products. For example, the Orbit Baby Toddler Car Seat

, Infant Car Seat , and Bassinet will all seamlessly snap into the Orbit Baby Car Seat Base , Bassinet Rocker, AND the stroller frame .  Yes, that’s right, you can even take the big, bulky, permanently fixed toddler car seat and stick it on your stroller frame if you need to. While I don’t recommend using the Toddler Car Seat as a Stroller Seat, that fact that it can be used this way is extremely helpful when traveling.



Orbit Baby Toddler Stroller with SideKick

Orbit Baby Toddler Stroller w/SideKick



The most obvious feature to the Orbit Baby Stroller System is the ability to rotate the Infant Cart Seat, Stroller Seat, Bassinet, and Toddler Car Seat 360 degrees. This is a first, and currently the only stroller on the market today that offers this feature. So, what’s the real advantage to it? Well, I can think of too many to write in this entry. However, for me, there are two that stand out the most. The first would be to facilitate ease of entry into the car. With traditional infant car seats, you have to wrench your back slightly to drop it into the car seat base in your car at an uncomfortable angle. With the Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat, you can face the car door, drop the car seat into the base, then rotate it 45 degrees into it’s proper rear facing position. So simple, yet so smart. My second favorite is being able to rotate the stroller seat, creating a number of great new features such as; Turning away from the sun, giving your child a better view of you while still being able to see the world, and being able to use your stroller as a highchair in a restaurant. When your stroller is alongside the dinner table, just rotate the stroller seat and voila! A great high chair is born! Not only is it more comfortable than those nasty restaurant high chairs, but it also allows you to keep your stroller with you instead of the usual mandatory check-in at the front of the restaurant. I hate that.

Aside from these significant advantages, here are a few smaller ones to consider;



Orbit Baby Color Packs

Orbit Baby Color Packs



Removable Cargo Pod (Under Seat Bag)
Again, a really simply idea, but solves so many issues. I love it because it doubles as a diaper bag, allowing me to take the bag into the front seat of our car and access the bottles, diapers, wipes, and toys that we put in there. Being able to remove it also allows for easy access to everything in there. It also makes packing up a breeze. We load it up with snacks and toys in the house, then slide it onto the stroller in the garage.

SideKick Stroller Board
This thing is just plain awesome! Every single person stops us wherever we go and comments on how cool it is. The Orbit Baby Sidekick

is a stroller board that connect to the back wheels of the stroller frame to allow your child to stand on the back and “hitch” a ride. These types of boards are common with high-end strollers. It allows you to have a second child standing on the back, or your stroller riding child to take a break from sitting for a while. However, what makes this board unique and better than any of its competitors is it’s location. While all other boards sit directly in the back of the stroller (blocking your walking stride), the Orbit Baby Sidekick clips onto the wheels off to the side. This keeps the center wide open so you can walk and push your stroller properly. Since it clips onto the wheel, there is an option for two of them! This means that you have the possibility of having three children on this stroller at once. Very clever.

Orbit Baby Stroller Panniers (Storage Baskets)
For those of us who need a little extra storage (lets face it, we all do!), these detachable Panniers

are a gift from the heavens. They are sold in pairs (1 on each side of the stroller), and each provide an extra 8 pounds of unobstructed storage. Easy to access, easy to use, easy to remove. These things are just what you need for that stroll to the market, or down to the park or beach.



Orbit Baby Bassinet and Rocker

Orbit Baby Bassinet w/Rocker



Orbit Baby Bassinet and Rocker
So, every high-end stroller has a bassinet

option. What makes this one so unique is its size (the largest on the market), and the rocker that comes with it. Earlier in this article, I spoke about how interchangeable all Orbit Baby products are with one another. So, the rocker that comes with the bassinet can be used at home with the bassinet and all 3 of Orbit Baby’s seats (Infant, Toddler, and Stroller Seat), creating an instant rocker/bouncer.

Orbit Baby Color Packs
These Orbit Baby Color Packs

are a brand new addition, allowing you to change the look of your Orbit Baby Stroller Seat . So, if you are bored with the look of your stroller seat, these color packs will offer you 9 different color options. They are also great to consider to make your stroller more gender-specific for your current child or the one on the way!

Double Stroller Adapter!
Although this product has not yet been launched, its pending release has been a huge factor with our customers looking to purchase a stroller that will grow with their family. Orbit Baby has plans to release an adapter to turn your Orbit Baby Stroller into a double! (which will be compatible with the current G2 Stroller Frame). So, come November/December, Orbit Baby customers will be able to purchase one, allowing this popular stroller to carry up to 4 kids! (2 in seats, and 2 on Sidekicks). I think it might be time for a motor!

All-in-all, Orbit Baby is a great company, producing great products that address many of the issues we all face with strollers on a daily basis. There are many phenomenal strollers on the market today. Orbit Baby’s a great one to add to your list to choose from!

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