Orbit Baby Double Helix Stroller Review

October 10th, 2012

Orbit Baby Double Helix SrollerThe much anticipated double stroller from Orbit Baby

is finally here! The Orbit Baby Double Helix hit stores last week, and if the last few days are any indication, it will be a very hot seller for Orbit Baby. At Pampered Tot, we are quickly selling out. Our email and instant chat lines have been busy with customer inquiries. So, hopefully my review will help answer some of your questions.

It’s a little early to review the customer experience with the Double Helix

, since very few customers have been using them, and the ones that are have only had them for a few days. So, instead of focusing on performance, I’ll try to shed some light on Orbit Baby Double Helix functionality for you.

Orbit Baby Double Helix Upgrade KitTo start, Orbit Baby is selling the double as an add-on kit

(compatible with the Orbit Baby G2 Stroller Frame) and as a stand-alone Double Helix Frame . The Orbit Baby Double Helix Upgrade Kit ($350USD) can be purchased to convert your existing Orbit Baby G2 Stroller from a single into a double stroller. We just took one out of the box and attached it to one of our floor models. The installation was fairly straight forward and easy. Just be armed with a screwdriver and a bit of patience.

So, now that it’s assembled, what’s it really like? Well, in a word..cool…unique…functional. Sorry, I know that’s 3 words, but they are all so true. The stroller is unlike anything we’ve seen on the market so far. As true to function over form as the single stroller is, Orbit Baby continued with this trend for their Double Helix model. No, I’m not saying that it isn’t attractive, but rather just pointing out that Orbit Baby’s attention to function has really given them a huge advantage in the luxury stroller market. Anyone can make a nice Orbit Baby Double Helix Stroller Foldedproduct, but to make it work the way it needs to is another story. Orbit Baby has continued to impress us with incredible attention to overall functionality and useful accessories, such as the Stroller Panniers

for extra storage and the SideKick (the only stroller board on the market that sits off to the side so as not to impede your walking stride). With Double Helix, Orbit Baby’s philosophy and focus remain unchanged. They have kept it simple, functional, and incredibly dynamic.

What’s included in the box? What’s it all for? What does it all do?
Before I dive into this one, I will just point out the differences between the Orbit Baby Double Helix Frame

($750USD) and the Orbit Baby Double Helix Upgrade Kit ($350USD). If you already have an Orbit Baby G2 Stroller Frame, all you need now is the Upgrade Kit. If you are new to Orbit Baby and are in the market for a double stroller, then the Double Helix Frame is the one you want (which is the Upgrade Kit + an all-black single stroller frame to match).

Orbit Baby Double Helix Underseat BagThe Double Helix Upgrade Kit comes with a new underseat bag, new handlebar, an iPad holder/sunshade, and of course the Double Helix rear seat frame. The underseat bag and handlebar are a bit of a departure from what you’ll see on the single version (the Orbit Baby G2 Stroller), so I’ll chime in on these two items in greater detail.

Underseat Bag
Although I love the convenience of the Cargo Pod, it’s not as practical and convenient to access on the Double Helix. So, Orbit Baby created a new underseat storage bag that is more of a conventional open-faced bag. This allows quick and easy access from the front and back of the stroller. The two access-sides are spring loaded so that you can tug on them to reach down into the bag, and they’ll just sling back into place when you let go. Great little feature. Again, it’s the small things that impress me.

New HandleBar
Orbit Baby has departed from their traditional telescopic handles and opted for a longer, u-shaped continuous handlebar. It’s lined with foam, and is adjustable toOrbit Baby Double Helix Handlebar fit perfectly over your child sitting on the rear seat. The handlebar can adjust both in length (2 settings) and height (3 settings). It also comes with a new tray featuring 2 cup holders (instead of one, which is standard on the single stroller) and a cell phone compartment. If you’d like to shade your child from the sun on the rear seat, there is an iPad holder/sunshade (included) that fits on the handlebar. I’m not sure how many people will be using it as a iPad holder, but with all of those incredible apps out there¬†(with a pedometer or maps app etc…),¬†not to mention iTunes for listening to music, it might be very useful .

Great, but how does it handle?
Like it’s on rails. Seriously, it’s really smooth. This six-wheeler handles well and turns on a dime (thanks to 2 front and 2 back swiveling wheels). It’s definitely long, but really doesn’t feel to daunting. From the handlebars, you still have great arms-reach-access to the front stroller seat.

Orbit Baby Double Helix StrollerCan you really fit all Orbit Baby Products on each Pod?
Yes, you really can! Two bassinets, Stroller seats, Infant Car Seats, or a variation of all three can easily fit on the Orbit Baby Double Helix. One important thing to note, however, is that the Stroller Seat, bassinet, and the Infant Car Seat cannot face the parent while on the pod closest to you. On the rear pod, you can get a 270 degree rotation, but not all the way around. This didn’t matter to us when testing it, and I don’t suspect it will matter to you either. So, if you would like your child to face you, they will have to be positioned on the stroller seat farthest away from you.

How does it fold up?
Very easily. Since you have to remove the upgrade kit from the stroller to fold it, the Orbit Baby Double Helix doesn’t take up much more space than the single version. The only added steps are the removal of the back pod (which can be done with a quick, one-handed push and pull), and the folding of the new extended handlebar (which takes 2 seconds). What takes up more trunk space is the addition of a second stroller seat.Orbit Baby Double Helix Stroller

Can I use all of the great accessories that Orbit Baby currently makes?
Almost. The only accessory that will not fit on the Double Helix is the SideKick Board. So, if you were thinking of fitting 4 kids on the stroller, it’s not going to happen. That would have been a cool feature! Then again, how many of us could even push (or would want to push) a stroller with 4 kids on it!

Will it fit in the Orbit Baby Travel Bag?
Yes. The Double Helix Upgrade Kit is pretty small. It can be safely stowed in the travel bag.

Orbit Baby Double Helix StrollerWhat if I only have one child with me?
This is the part I love talking to parents about. In the old days (2 years ago), double strollers were not flexible or modular. If you had children of different ages, one would be in school while the other was with you for the day. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen mom’s pushing a large double stroller around with one seat empty! Like the Bugaboo Donkey, the Orbit Baby Double Helix is a modular product. It can be a double when you need it, and convert back to a single when you don’t. The conversion process takes less than 2 seconds. A quick squeeze and release of the upgrade kit and you’re off!

To make things easier for our customers, we put together Orbit Baby Double Helix Bundles that vary depending on the age of your kids. If you have 2 children of different ages, the Orbit Baby Double Helix Stroller System

will be a great choice. It comes with the Double Helix Stroller Frame, one infant car seat with base, and one stroller seat. If you are having twins (rest up!) you should be looking at the Orbit Baby Double Helix Stroller Complete , which comes with the Double Helix Frame, two infant car seats with bases, and two stroller seats. You can buy everything separately, but we tried to make thing a little simpler for you!

Orbit Baby Double Helix StrollerWe’ve seen many strollers come onto the market in recent years, and have tons of experience with almost every brand on the market. Orbit Baby has always impressed us and continues to do so with the introduction of the Double Helix. Whether you are looking for a great single stroller with the capability to grow with your family into a double stroller, or you are looking for a versatile double stroller that can adapt to a busy life with two kids, I highly recommend putting Orbit Baby’s Double Helix on your list.

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