Not Neutral BB2 Set – Table & Chairs

December 21st, 2009

Not Neutral BB2 Set - Table & Chairs

Not Neutral BB2 Set - Table & Chairs

Looking for a table and chairs for your kids? If so, you might want to consider this set of 2 chairs and a table from Not Neutral

. If not, you might want to start thinking about getting one. I say this because I, never in a million years, thought of getting my kids their own table and chairs. I was actually against the idea at first. However, 2 years later, I can now say that it was a great investment. My 4 year old loves this set. He eats and plays at it all day long…The chairs are a little small for me, but I get down there from time to time and work on lots of projects with him. It’s great.

Although the set only comes with 2 chairs, you can always order more. We bought the set 2 years ago, and just purchased 2 additional chairs because my son is now starting to have lots of friends over. It comes in handy for meals and art projects. It’s somewhere safe for kids to play and interact with one another at their level. It allows the kids to move around easily and provides them an area that is more suitable for their size. A bonus, not to be taken lightly, is a clutter-free dinner table. If you get the BB2, all of your kids toys, crayons, paint and paper will be spread out all over your new pint-sized dinning set.

The surface is really easy to clean (thermoplastic polymer paint), and looks great. It comes in 3 cool colors to contrast any room. I say contrast because the colors are pastel green, blue, and orange…not usual colors for a family room or kitchen. The base for the table and chairs is a really dark grey. The design is smart and sharp, and the construction is sturdy. The materials comply with ASTM standards


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