Kushies Shangrila Activity Mat Review

December 10th, 2009

Kushies Shangrila Mat & Arch

Kushies Shangrila Mat & Arch

This was the best Activity play mat on the market (according to our customer reviews and sales volume figures), but then the Kushies Shangrila Acitivity Mat

took a 6 month hiatus…Even though the mat was a top seller, there were numerous reported defects. Mostly, it was the mat arches that kept braking off.  Kushies took it off the market for a little while to iron out the manufacturing issues. Now the mat is back and it’s better and stronger than ever!

My younger son, Hudson, has been looking at, and crawling  all around this thing since he was born. What makes it such a great mat, and better than all the others is its versatility and simplicity. First off, the mat is reversible. On one side, it features a black and white pattern of shapes and other designs. The black and white contrast is great for early childhood development. Also, babies are color blind at first anyhow. The other side is a soft plush mat filled with various colors and detachable toys (secured with Velcro tabs). This side is great once your child becomes more interactive.

The mat can be used on it’s own or with the arches, giving you the option of limiting the amount of stimlulation your child gets at one time. It also allows you to use the mat in the park or at the beach (don’t worry, it’s easy to clean).

Kushies Bobble Teether Toys

Kushies Bobble Teether Toys

The Arches get attached with Velcro on all four corners as well, making it really easy to put on and take off. Kushies  includes a few teething toys as well. these can be clipped onto the arches through the plastic ring at the top, or simply velcroed to the arches around the mat. As I’m writing this, I am realizing that Kushies really loves Velcro! Joking aside, we prefer it over hard snaps. It provides a smoother surface and a stronger hold. 

Kushies also sells a few clip-on teether & toy sets

that can be used with the Shangrila Mat & Arch, making it an even better buy.

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