Buggy Baggs – Review

January 5th, 2010

Buggy Baggs Shopping Cart Cover

Buggy Baggs Shopping Cart Cover

I love the Buggy Bagg – so convenient.  My son hates the infant car seat, and I always had to carry him around the grocery store in a baby carrier, which works, but can be cumbersome when reaching for heavy items.  I always felt like something would fall on him.  Now that he is 6 months and can sit up on his own, I decided to try the Buggy Bagg Shopping Cart Cover

.  I had always heard great thing about it and thought I would put it to the test myself.

I have used it twice in two days and I love it.  First of all, you can position the Buggy Bagg shopping cart cover into the shopping cart using only one hand if necessary – which always comes in handy when holding a baby or extra large coffee.  The Buggy Bagg unfolds into the cart with the release of one large and very smooth zipper.  Once opened, it is like a little padded oasis for your baby.  I have the jungle pattern which is very bright and colorful (but it is available in more subdued prints).  There is a storage compartment which hangs behind the “seat” of the shopping cart – which can be used for wipes, toys or snacks.  Also, the Buggy Bagg extends over the handle of the shopping cart, which creates a resting place for a child’s toys or snacks.  The Buggy Bagg is extremely convenient, hygienic and fun.  I recommend it for anyone who regularly shops with an infant or toddler.

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