Bloom Fresco Loft High Chair Review

September 16th, 2011

Bloom Fresco Loft High ChairThere are lots of high chair options out there these days, so it’s important to do a little research and choose the right one for you. There are chairs with or without trays, ones that are height adjustable and some that are fixed. There are even high chairs out there that can support your own weight, such as the Stokke Tripp Trapp

with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds!

The Bloom Fresco

and Freco Loft High Chairs are relatively new on the scene, and have been gaining popularity. Since many customers are only hearing about them for the first time when they come into our shop, I thought it would be helpful to write about the features and benefits a bit.

There are two versions of this high chair; The Fresco and the Fresco Loft. To the naked eye, they look identical. That’s because they are, aside for the height. The Bloom Fresco High Chair

can reach a maximum height of 30 inches (at tray/table level), while the Fresco Loft extends to 36 inches. The decision of which one to purchase can be made when considering the height of your dinner table. While most people dine at a regular table, many families have kitchens bars or islands that are considerable higher. For those people, having a chair that can extend to bar-height (36 inches) is ideal.

Aside from height adjustment, there are numerous other great features. To keep it organized and as concise as possible, here’s a quick rundown.

Bloom Fresco Loft High ChairWeight Capacity
The Bloom High Chairs can hold up to 78 pounds! When it comes to buying these expensive baby products, it’s always good to understand all of the benefits first. At least that way, it will help you get over the sticker shock. When evaluating the $400 to $500 price tag of these chairs, consider how long you’ll be able to use them. In this case, your child can comfortably fit in this chair for the next 10 years!

Age Range
When you buy this high chair, it comes with 2 seat cushions. One is for use from birth with the booster seat (included), while the other larger cushion is for the toddler years. So, technically, this chair can be used from birth.

The Bloom Fresco and Fresco Loft is height adjustable; the seat can rotate 360 degrees (and can lock into place); has wheels on the base to make moving it easy and effortless; and can recline too! The reclining feature is especially helpful during the first few months, and allows you to be able to bottle feed your child with comfort and ease.

Bloom Fresco Loft High ChairThe Tray
The tray on a high chair is often a permanent fixture. They all come off, but most require the child to eat on them rather than on the dinner table. I love the idea of your child being able to sit at the table and join in on the conversation. With 2 kids of my own, this feature provided much more engaging family time while eating our meals together. The great thing about the Bloom Fresco and Fresco Loft High Chairs is that the trays are removable. So, your child can eat with the tray beside you or without the tray pulled up to your dinner table. Each chair comes with 2 trays. The larger one that you usually see in all the pictures online is usually used for eating, while the smaller one (which is tucked underneath the larger tray) is a great play tray.

Color Options
The Bloom Fresco Loft comes in two base colors; Black or White. The Fresco comes in white only. However, both chairs offer 10 different seat cushion colors. So, you’ll definitely be able to match it to your home decor. The cushions are also sold separately, so you can change the entire look of your chair for $90. This comes in handy if you are preparing for your second child and need to change it up a little.

Overall, the Bloom Fresco and Fresco Loft High Chairs are as beautiful as they are functional. If you can get over their expensive price tag (remember, you’ll have it for 10 years), the features will be sure to win you over.

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